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Savannah Historical Churches!

Savannah is known for its historical private homes ranging from Federalist to Greek Revial. However it is also rich in eclesiastical architecture across denominations. There are a whole host of historic churches with beautiful services including Episcopal, Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian and even Unitarian all to be found in the historic district!

Founded in 1733, Christ Church Episcopal was the first house of worship established at the time of the founding of Georgia. They offer traditional church services in a stunning Greek revival building:
Instagram - Christ Church Episcopal

On the Methodist front visitors only have to venture a couple of blocks to Wesley Monumental on Abercorn Street. This is one of our historic Methodist churches erected in 1868 by the Wesley brothers who were instrumental in the founding of Methodism.
Instagram - Wesley Monumental

Georgia's oldest Catholic church is the Cathedral of St John the Baptist on Layafette Square. This is one of Savannah's most elaborate examples of ecclesiastical architecture. The initial construction was completed in 1870s and further additions were ongoing till 1896. There have been several rennovations since resulting in the spectacular gilded interior and stain windows currently in place. It is interesting to note that Catholicism was banned in Georgia during the early Colony years. Thankfully the ban was lifted by the end of 18th century.
Instagram - Cathedral of St John the Baptist

On the Baptist front there is the First African Baptist Church founded in 1733 by George Leile, an enslaved preacher. After he was freed he continued to preach and convert those who were enslaved. One of his early converts was Andrew Bryan who would go on to form the Second African/Bryan Baptist church. The current church building was established in 1850s built entirely by African American labor and was the first black-owned brick building to be erected in Georgia. A museum in the church contains memorabilia dating back to the church’s founding, along with images of its pastors, newspaper articles and other artifacts and records.
Instagram - First African Baptist Church

The Independent Presbyterian Church is one of Savannah’s oldest congregations, formed around 1755 by adherents of the Church of Scotland. Its first church was built on Ellis Square. The current building was erected in 1891 and is located on Bull Street between Wright and Chippewa Squares.
Instagram - Independent Presbyterian Church

The Unitarian Universalist Church was founded in 1820s by settlers from the North and met with some controversy in the early days of its establishment. It has always attracted talented musicians including the church organist, James Pierpoint, who composed the world renowned "Jingle Bells!" The church continues to attract classically trained musicians and hosts a series of concerts from December till the Spring.
Instagram - Unitarian Universalist Church

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Savannah Historical Churches!

Savannah is known for its historical private homes ranging from Federalist to Greek Revial. However it is also rich in eclesiastical...